Is boxing for everyone?
Yes, no matter what your age or fitness level anyone can do Boxing Training.
How fit should I be to start?
You don’t need to be fit to start Boxing Training.  Most people who come along for the first time need to work on their fitness.   Just so long as you are in good general health, Boxing Training will improve your fitness level. If you are pregnant, have recently had surgery or have any medical concerns you must seek advice from your Doctor first. If you have any special needs please Contact us prior to attending a class so we can discuss your needs and if possible we shall endeavour to meet your needs.
Is there a possibility I could get punched or knocked out?
No.  The classes are circuit based where you learn boxing techniques and drills which includes punching bags and pads. However, if you want to box competitively you will need to spar.  At what stage in your training when you start to spar will be when the coach thinks you have learned enough boxing skills so you will be safe sparring.  It can take several months of training to reach this level.  All sparring sessions are supervised by a qualified coach.
What will Boxing Training do for me?
Boxing Training is the best way to get fit, it also improves: – Co-ordination – Balance – Speed – Weight loss – Confidence – Overall fitness and self discipline.
Are the classes suitable for beginners?
Yes.  The classes are accessible to the beginner as they are to people who have boxed before.  The classes are circuit based so you work at your own pace.   If you need to take some time out that is fine just join back in when you feel ready.  Our aim is to build up your fitness gradually.   All we ask is that you do your best in each class.  The more you push yourself the more you will be able to do next time.
What should I wear?
You will need to wear trainers and loose sports clothing such as track suit bottoms, leggings or shorts and a tee shirt.  Also bring something warm to wrap up in, such as a sweat suit top or jacket for keeping warm at the end of the training session. If you have long hair we suggest you tie it back because once you have your gloves on it is very difficult to push it out of your eyes. All Corby Amateur Boxing Club boxers are provided with the Club’s vest and shorts when representing the club at boxing shows and competitions.
What equipment do I need?
If it is your first few lessons and you are not sure that boxing training is something you want to continue with we advise you not to buy any specialist equipment.  The club will supply boxing gloves and all the equipment you will need for your training sessions.   When you decide that you want to continue with boxing classes and depending at what stage you are in your skills development, then that is the time to buy your own gloves, wraps, gum shield, groin guard, boots and head-guard.  Discuss with the coach first what equipment you need. BOXING WRAPS We advise all boxers to wear boxing wraps when punching the bags and sparring.  Wraps provide protection for the boxer’s hands and wrists when punching bags, sparring or in boxing bouts.  We advise all boxing participants to learn how to apply wraps themselves and there are some good websites which show how to apply wraps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgVnNAHLLM www.wikihow.com/Wrap-Your-Hands-For-Boxing
Can I book one to one boxing lessons?
Yes.  Private one to one training can be arranged for mutually agreeable times with one of our experienced coaches.  Please telephone John Mulheron on 07967646016 or Contact Us for further details.
Do you have shower and changing facilities?
At the present time the gym does not have shower or changing facilities so come dressed ready to train and bring something warm to put on to keep you warm after training.  We do have hooks and benches where equipment can be left within the gym whilst training.  However, the gym cannot take responsibility for any personal belongings or valuables.
Can the gym be hired for group sessions or by other sports clubs for training?
Yes.  The gym can be hired for private sessions with a qualified coach to take the training session.  For further details please telephone John Mulheron 07967646016 or Contact Us.
Can parents/carers stay whilst my child trains?
Yes we encourage parents/carers to stay if they want to, especially in the first few weeks whilst your child settles in.