Our senior recreational classes are for 12 to 60+ year olds.  We currently have an age range of 12 to 65 year olds who train regularly together at Corby Boxing Gym and some parents come to train with their older children.

Senior Registered Amateur Boxers can box from the ages of 17 to 34 years and England Boxing has now introduced a Masters age group from the age of 34 to 40 years.  Individualised training programmes can be devised along with lots of in-house sparring with both members of Corby Amateur Boxing Club and other visiting teams of boxers.  Corby Boxing Gym has contacts with many different amateur and professional boxing coaches nationwide.  Quality sparring sessions for senior and elite registered boxers can be arranged but time and venue of the sessions depends upon a number of variables such as who is available to spar, weight category, who has a boxing match coming up and is looking for sparring partners etc, etc