After you have been training for some time and if you want to take boxing to another level, you can box competitively.  Boys can box as an amateur from the age of 10 years upwards and if you have a lot of boxing experience and have had a number of bouts you might want to box professionally.

Firstly, talk to your coach about boxing as an amateur or professional.  You need to be registered as a boxer.  This includes a medical examination by a recognised doctor on the England Boxing register if you wish to box as an amateur or by a doctor on the British Boxing Association register if you want to box professionally, before you can be certified as being fit to box competitively.

If you decide to join Corby Amateur Boxing Club you will be registered with England Boxing on The Vault website.  Registered boxers pay reduced subscriptions which entitles them to train at all sessions available during the week.  Corby Amateur Boxers also go to other amateur boxing gyms for sparring practice weekly, attend regional squad camps and learn advanced boxing skills through invite only training sessions held at Corby Boxing Gym.  Corby Amateur Boxing Club holds annual Boxing Shows to raise funds for the club and showcase the club’s boxers.  The boxers also compete at other amateur boxing club shows and in regional and national championships.

If you want to box professionally contact John Mulheron (Head Coach) telephone: 07967 646016 or come to Corby Boxing Gym when a training session is held and speak to John in person.  John will discuss with you your goals and training needs and work out a training programme with you.  John Mulheron and John Mulheron Jnr are both registered Pro/Am coaches with experience of training and promoting professional boxers.